We have been on the cutting edge of technology for many years. The majority of our customers use EMAR technology. Our Frameworks software interface supports many reputable EHR/EMAR systems that connect via HL7 or NCPDP 10.6 bi-directional interface. E-scribe connection accepts orders directly from physicians.

Electronic Medication Administration Records
Advanced Specialty Rx eMAR system allows you to customize and track resident care, including medications, treatments, vitals, activities of daily living, behaviors and nurse notes. Bar-coded packages are scanned by the caregiver, ensuring that the right meds are administered. Our eMAR simplifies while speeding up the process of your med pass. Ask us for a free demo!

Framework Link

  • Improve facility communication and track messages for greater understanding and accountability.
  • Reduce the chance for error through better knowledge of the patients we serve.
  • Facility users can transfer, discharge, and even re-admit residents with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Place orders and view order status through Framework Link’s easy, trackable system.
  • Streamline billing and pricing tasks.
  • Generate management reports or print forms or medical records.



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