We’re the leaders in specialty pharmacy services.

Advanced Specialty Rx is a Michigan based, Long Term Care Pharmacy providing pharmacy services to Michigan’s Skilled Nursing Facilities & Rehabilitation Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, Home for the Aged, Adult Foster Care and Group Homes.


Quality care and customer service is very important. At ASRX we are committed to providing the highest level of service we possibly can. Our executive team continually reviews policy and procedures to ensure compliance and service.

Extraordinary Staff

Our staff undergo extensive training. Compliance with pharmacy regulations and understanding Long Term Care compliance is essential. Our staff go above and beyond, to bring your community, or your family, exceptional customer service.

Customized Service

Every Long Term Care community is different. The needs of care, pharmaceuticals, and equipment can be very diverse. We pride ourselves on understanding these needs and create a service package to best fit your community.


We are not just a pharmacy provider. We are “Your Partner in Long Term Care” we work very hard to develop a partnership with our customers.


Advanced Specialty Rx Pharmacy interfaces with over 50 EHR, Electronic Health Care Records, systems available. Don’t choose your EHR based on the pharmacy, choose it based on your needs.


At Advanced Specialty Rx Pharmacy we keep our communities updated on new regulations. Using ASRX as a supplemental training for your staff is a great benefit to your community! We can host classes in your community or at our pharmacy!