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Advanced Specialty Rx is a Michigan based, Long Term Care Pharmacy providing pharmacy services to Michigan’s Skilled Nursing Facilities & Rehabilitation Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, Home for the Aged, Adult Foster Care and Group Homes. Advanced Specialty Rx with over 100 years of combined experience gives us the confidence and knowledge to meet the demands of our ever changing industry.

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Currently Seeking: 

Pharmaceutical Operations Manager

  • Assists CEO in development and implementation of both short and long-term plans, identify critical issues/opportunities by reviewing sales/financial analyses (i.e. cost/benefit analysis, data process modeling), utilize statistical techniques, use predictive modeling to devise practical solutions
  • Develop approach to analyzing effectiveness of key processes and conduct impact assessment
  • Conduct external research for improving efficiency of business operations using SWOT, PESTEL, 5 C analysis
  • Assess process strengths and weaknesses, analytical procedures, transaction testing, bench marking of best practices across the business
  • Assess new business opportunities; their potential impact, formulate strategic recommendations
  • Define risk mitigation action plans to resolve process gaps.
  • Analyzing the company’s position in the market, conduct detailed research analysis on competitors, analyzing growth and seasonal trends to predict demand.
  • Oversee the marketing team in making and executing communication plans for both pharmacy team and nursing home e.g. setting up Quick Marr software.
  • Analyze long term care facility needs, perceptions, and behavior through a combination of proprietary and syndicated customer research studies.
  • Review and approve support documentation, work plans, and other deliverables by
    • Defining the Swaps for the long-term facilities
    • Managing the calendar for appropriate supply of medications to the nursing home care to minimize the inconvenience
    • Synchronizing Long-term care facilities patient medications in order to deliver them on the same day, on a monthly basis by doing Medicine synchronization
  • Switching of software to an upgraded version if needed and also supervise any technological advancement
  • Update SOP’s for routine business operations
  • Operations cost reduction by frequently providing managerial advice to enhance business, with the end desire to increase profits.
  • Manage the coordination and performance of periodic physical inventories.
  • Supervise department heads to allocate limited resources, efficient packaging schedules, managing the supply chain, and establish a competitive price structure.
  • Supervise inventory management with the review of drug margins, ensure proper cost of goods sold is reported and make corrections for those drugs that show less than optimal margins.
  • Supervise billing staff to ensure payment from insurance companies for 30,000 + claims per month through 835 upload or third-party checker (In-mar Reconciliation).
    • Monitor over 60-day claims to ensure payment to reduce net aging cost for business.
  • Manage the purchasing of pharmaceuticals process and buying team.
  • Ensure proper research is performed to purchase the best product in terms of access, availability, supplier, price, and type of drug
  • Ensuring proper minimum and maximum drug ordering limits are reviewed and maintained on a regular basis
  • Monitor RX inventory levels and program efficiencies for Health and Wellness business units,
  • Discontinuities of a product which is imminent due to drug back orders
  • Monitor drug recalls and ensure compliance with drug supply chain security act (DSCSA)
  • Minimize or eliminate DIR (Direct and Indirect Remuneration) fee by Medicaid, Blue Cross etc. to increase ASRX ratings to 5-star.
  • Monitor compliance with supplier contract provisions.
  • Coordinate nursing home and medical facilities client assignments, assure engagement efficiency and quality
  • Maintain or develop vendor relationships. (i.e. Specialty RX items, OTC items, new/generic drug launches, flu vaccines) for inventory management.
  • Act as the main point of contact for audits related to pharmacy inventory functions, billing, and ordering.


  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration
  • 36 months of experience as a pharmacy business manager including the following skills and knowledge:
  • Managing and coordinating performance of physical medical product and prescription drug inventories.
  • Maintaining and managing vendor relationship to ensure smooth product acquisition.
  • Monitoring of prescription drug recalls
  • Managing company supply chain and resolving any issues to ensure proper delivery of product.
  • Establishing and implementing cash loss prevention policies.
  • Establishing of a competitive price structure and purchasing cost reduction
  • Implementing and managing company business policy and professional standards
  • Analyzing and reviewing company business goals.
  • Establishing policies to ensure health and safety environment practices are followed.

Request full job details/send resume to Nancy Cadroy email to nancy@asrxmi.com.